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Rear Springs Repair in Winnipeg

We care about your travels and your comfort. Poor quality or broken rear springs can make your ride much more difficult than it needs to be. Standard Auto Springs offers repair and replacement of rear springs in Winnipeg for vehicles of most makes and models. We can also re-set the ride height of your rear springs and install additional leafs to increase the capacity.

No matter what you own, a car or a truck, you want your journey from point A to point B to be as enjoyable as possible. When your rear springs are shot, it can make things problematic. Our goal is to provide you with the repair and replacement services you need to keep going smoothly down the road. We have grown to be trusted in the community for our expert and efficient repair services.

Give us a call and book your appointment with our professional team today.

Suspension springs

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Avoid a rocky ride by having us provide total suspension repairs.

Fully accredited MPIC Repair Centre

Unicity Paint & Body

Courtesy car available by appointment. “One stop salvage repair centre”

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