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The Place for Drive Axle Repair in Winnipeg

Is your car having trouble and does it feel like it’s riding rougher than it should? You may have front-end spring or drive axle problems. Come to Standard Auto Springs for professional drive axle repair services in Winnipeg. We are the experienced team that knows cars inside and out. There’s a reason why customers come to us with their auto issues – we are trusted to get the job done.

Driving over potholes can wreck your suspensions. We are a pothole repair centre, fixing the damages that occur to your vehicle so that you can keep driving with peace of mind. Struts and shocks, spring components, drive axles, and sub-frames are all parts of the front-end that we can repair. We aim to provide complete satisfaction with our service so that your vehicle will be working like new once again.

Give us a call today and book your appointment with our professional team.

Suspension springs

Does Driving Feel Uncomfortable?

Avoid a rocky ride by having us provide total suspension repairs.

Fully accredited MPIC Repair Centre

Unicity Paint & Body

Courtesy car available by appointment. “One stop salvage repair centre”

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