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The One-Stop Suspension Shop

Want More Auto Security?

Allow our team of experts to make your vehicle more secure.

Standard Auto Springs: The Experts of Auto Suspension in Winnipeg

Welcome to Standard Auto Springs!

As experts of auto suspension in Winnipeg for both car and truck owners, we know that most people rely on their vehicles to get them to where they need to be throughout their daily schedules.

However, problems can arise when you least expect them, and you may notice the following issues coming from your vehicle’s suspension:

  • Your vehicle pulls to one side whenever you drive
  • You can feel the impact of every bump when driving 
  • You have difficulty steering your vehicle

We want to help you avoid these issues entirely, so we offer total suspension repairs and other services, including:

  • Government safety inspections
  • Leaf spring replacement and repairs
  • Complete driveline and suspension repairs
  • And more

To learn more about what we can do to help, read about our services. For further information, please call us.

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What Makes Our Service for Suspension in Winnipeg Unique?

We have expanded our services to assist your company. We have vast experience in the auto industry, we have grown to include a great team of likeminded individuals who want to care for your car or truck.

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Feel Like Your Vehicle Could Improve?

Turn to us for professional suspension repairs, salvage car rebuilds, and more!

Looking for a Body Integrity Inspection?

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